Leadership and Management Courses

Our leadership and management courses are designed to cover every aspect of the employee life cycle from attracting and retaining great people to developing future leaders. In the ever changing post-pandemic world we help companies be more agile, change faster and engage and motivate their people to new levels.

Who would benefit from our management training programmes?

Our leadership and management training courses have proved particularly popular with ambitious and fast growing SMEs. However they work for all organisations that need to to develop their staff, but perhaps don’t have the in-house resource or expertise to deliver it.  Each session can be delivered individually or combined to cover the core skills needed to help your organisation, and its people, develop, grow, and succeed. 

Choose from our range of leadership and management courses

We know that not every organisation is the same, and nor are all their training needs.  With us flexibility is key, and our leadership and management courses can be tailored to fit your specific requirements and budget.  

Each course can be delivered in 3 ways. As a condensed, engaging, and memorable 2-hour guest speaker session. Allowing it to be dropped into a team day or management event.  Where more time and greater depth is required, each module can be delivered as a stand-alone half or full-day session. Or for a more comprehensive management training programme they can be combined with any other of our other leadership and management training courses into a multi-day programme. 

Leading through change

Learn the skills needed to deliver a successful change project.

Performance and Energy

Give leaders the skills to energise their teams and unlock potential.

Critical Conversations

Learn to confidently plan, approach and conduct critical conversations.

Remote working

Discover how to successfully implement a remote working strategy.

Reward & Recognition

Delegates will cover how to create a reward strategy that aligns with organisational culture, values and business objectives.

Succession Planning

Covers the basics of succession planning, skills analysis and the tools needed to develop a process. 

Culture & Values

Attendees will learn how to define organisational culture and values and convert those into clear behaviours.


How many different courses do you run?

We currently have seven key topics that we cover in our leadership and management courses. However, if there is a specific area you feel your organisation needs help with that isn’t covered here please get in touch via +44 20 7224 3307 as we’re happy to discuss your needs and see how we could help.

Can I book multiple courses?

Of course – you can book one, two or all seven of our leadership and management coursesAll we ask if that if you’re planning on combining modules you let us know so we can recommend the best order and whether they should be run at the same time or over different days.

Can I book a single session?

Of course – you can book just one of leadership and management courses as either a half or full day session or as a condensed 2-hour speaker session.

Can I book on as an individual?

Our training modules are available for organisations to book for their staff, unfortunately at this time we do not offer these for private individuals to book.

Do all sessions need to be run at once?

Not at all.  While all 7 can be combined into one multi-day intensive leadership and management training course, they can just as easily be run over the course of six weeks, six months or a year.

How many people can attend each session?

There is no minimum but ideally no more than 15 people on each session.

Where do you run your training sessions?

Our leadership and management training courses can be run wherever is most suitable for you and your team, whether that’s on-site, at an external venue or hosted as a remote online session. The flexibility is there to fit it around you and your needs.

Who runs the sessions?

Each of our leadership and management training courses is led by one of our highly experienced facilitators. They have been selected not just for their expertise but also their communication skills and ability to energise an audience to not just learn but implement new tools and techniques.

Can you run sessions remotely and face-to-face?

We certainly can – We anticipate the future will see us delivering through a hybrid blend of face-to-face and online events. Both approaches work well – but we’ll always work with you to decide what’s best for your team. That includes practical considerations like travel restrictions and engaging with remotely based teams.

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